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4 Ways to Get Back to Eating Better

Stephanie Golub
Feb 11, 2022

Between snacking on some movie night sweets, having a beer (or two) with dinner, and indulging in game-day buffalo wings, treating yourself is always worth it. But if you’ve been enjoying consistently throughout the month, you might be thinking about swapping a couple chocolate bars for some balanced bites. 

This doesn’t mean giving up your fave snacks for good, but sprinkling more nutritious meals into the mix! If you’re looking for ways to get back on track after a few weeks of much-deserved fun, we’ve got some tips to get you started!

Cut Down on Sugary Drinks

(So long, liquid sugar)

Anything can fit into your diet in moderation, but cutting down on sugary drinks and alcohol can definitely make a difference. If you’re at the grocery store or vending machine, grab clear-colored drinks like seltzer and water. Soda and sports beverages are usually packed with sugar, not only resulting in liquid calories, but that less-than-pleasant midday crash. The CDC found that these drinks include ingredients like brown sugar, corn sweetener, fructose, glucose, and high-fructose corn syrup, which in excess can lead to packing on a few extra pounds. 

Bring Lunch 

(Instead of the daily deli run) 

During a busy workday with back-to-back meetings, it’s a no-brainer to grab a BLT from your go-to sandwich spot. But if this happens pretty often, it can begin to add up, and might not be the most nutritious choice. According to the American Heart Foundation, more than half of employed Americans struggle to make lunch healthy. So, how can we tackle the mid-day munchies? Try to limit eating out to one or two days a week, or make it a special Friday treat. On weekdays, wake up a few minutes early to pack yourself a perfectly balanced lunch. We’re big fans of hard boiled eggs, carrots, and hummus.

Move Your Body

 (Whatever feels right for you) 

We know that life can get pretty crazy, but getting your body going can be a game changer for not only your physical health, but for your mental health as well! It’s been known to be a major mood-booster, helping to ease daily stressors and anxiety. Whether you have five minutes or an hour, try to work in a walk, a few yoga poses, or even a fun exercise class. Don’t be discouraged about the amount of time you have each day—it’s the consistency that matters most! 

Plan Your Dinner Ahead 

(Step back from the takeout menu box)

You know what sounds great after finally getting home? The couch…anddddd a cup of instant ramen. If you do want to limit your sodium intake (looking at you, apocalypse-ready soups) decide what’s for dinner at the beginning of the day. Weekly meal planning and ordering prepared meals can be a huge help. Our meals are delivered fresh to your door and ready in 3 minutes, which means you’ll have way more time to relax. What’s even better—we make sure each and every meal is packed with protein and veg, contains way less sugar, and has zero franken-foods that you can’t pronounce. 

Ready to put it to the test? By drinking more water, packing a lunch, getting movin’ n’ groovin’, and planning your meals ahead, you’ll be well on your way to a more balanced lifestyle.

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4 Ways to Get Back to Eating Better