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Eat These Foods to Get in Your Vitamins

Stephanie Golub
May 16, 2022

Do you get an instant rush of serotonin when you take your daily gummy multivitamin? It’s basically candy for breakfast. If you haven’t tried a fruity-flavored dose, there are tons of (totally adult-appropriate!) supplements containing virtually every vitamin under the sun. 

However, if you’re looking to get in some extra vitamins through fruit and veg, we’ve got the ultimate lineup!

Vitamin C

Your body needs vitamin C (AKA L-ascorbic acid) to form cartilage, muscles, blood vessels, and collagen in the bones. It’s also an essential antioxidant in our healing process and can help protect cells against the effects of free radicals, unstable molecules in the body which can damage DNA and cell membranes. Since the body can’t produce vitamin C on its own, we look to food to fill in the gap. Citrus fruits like kiwi, grapefruit, oranges, and lemon contain lots of vitamin C, as well as strawberries, bell peppers, and tomatoes. And we can’t forget our cruciferous veggies! Broccoli (51 mg), brussels sprouts (48mg), and cauliflower (48.2 mg) supplement quite a bit of this superstar vitamin per serving. 

Vitamin B12

B12, or cobalamin, can be found in your fave filet of fish, a juicy burger, and even in your morning frittata. If you’re a veg-head, bring a cup of dairy with you to work or snack on a pre-dinner cheese board. For the vegans: look out for fortified nutritional yeast, cereal, or soy milk. Why is B12 a bomb vitamin? Not only does it help keep your body’s blood and nerve cells in check, but it also can support DNA generation

Vitamin D 

Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin for good reason—you can simply catch some rays to raise your levels. This fat-soluable vitamin is vital for bone health, helps the body retain calcium and phosphorus, lowers inflammation, and reduces cancer cell growth. Spending the day outside isn’t the only way to get in your dose! Squeeze in extra nutrients by eating salmon, tuna fish, egg yolks, and fortified orange juice. 

Vitamin E

This vitamin is a key player in protecting the body from free radicals, bolstering the immune system, and preventing clots from forming in heart arteries. If this sounds like a nutrient you want a little  more of, just wait until you hear what foods make the list. Peanut butter, avocado (yet another reason to adore them), sunflower seeds, spinach, almonds, pumpkin, and mango are all excellent sources of vitamin E. 

Vitamin stat recap: 

**According to the 2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, healthy adults should aim for the below. If you are looking to make any dietary changes, check in with your doctor first. 

Vitamin Foods to EatRecommended Daily Value
Vitamin CBroccoli, Brussels sprouts, Cauliflower 65-90mg
Vitamin B12Trout, Beef burger, 2 eggs, Fortified Nutritional Yeast and Cereal, Soy Milk2.4mcg
Vitamin DTuna, Salmon, Egg yolks, Fortified Orange juice400 IU
Vitamin EPeanut Butter, Avocado, Sunflower Seeds, Spinach, Almonds, Mango, Pumpkin 22 IU

This whole vitamin thing is going to be a lot tastier than you thought. Chances are, if you’re regularly enjoying balanced meals, you already have a whole bunch of nutrients in the mix. If you’re in a pinch and have limited time to meal prep, try out made-for-you meals ready in minutes. With satisfying dishes like Grilled Chicken Piccata, BBQ Bison Burger, and Purely Plant Shepherd’s Pie, you can easily get an extra boost of the nutrients you need! 

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Eat These Foods to Get in Your Vitamins