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Freshly Inc. Strengthens Commitment to Animal Welfare by Adopting the Better Chicken Commitment

May 24, 2021

Company will work with its suppliers to adopt a higher welfare standard for the chickens it sources for meat, positively impacting millions of animals per year.

NEW YORK – MAY 24, 2021 – Freshly Inc., the leading provider of fresh-prepared meals in the U.S. today announced that it is adopting the leading animal welfare standard for chickens sourced for meat: the Better Chicken Commitment.

Endorsed by dozens of animal welfare organizations across the globe, the Better Chicken Commitment aims to reduce the suffering of chickens used for meat by addressing the most serious welfare concerns. The six-point policy calls on companies to eliminate fast-growing breeds, high stocking densities, and often ineffective slaughter methods from their supply chains, as well as enrich the environments in which the birds are raised by 2024 and 2026. The policy has been adopted by over 400 companies worldwide, but Freshly Inc. represents one of the biggest names in the meal delivery space to adopt the commitment, with its policy poised to improve the lives of millions of animals every year.

“Since Freshly was founded, our guiding principle has always been to do the right thing, first and foremost. As we continue to grow and scale our business, Freshly remains committed to providing quality food and service to our customers while also ensuring our supply chain policies are environmentally focused and animal-friendly,” said Freshly Founder and CEO Mike Wystrach. “We are proud to partner with Animal Equality on our chicken welfare policy to take the next steps in pushing for higher standards and policies for our customers, and our organization.”

Freshly Inc. developed its Better Chicken Commitment policy with the international non-profit organization, Animal Equality, which works with food businesses in its eight countries to improve the lives of animals raised for food. Maral Cavner, Esq., Animal Equality’s Corporate Outreach Manager for the United States, said, “Freshly, Inc., from the get-go, understood the importance of animal welfare and the Better Chicken Commitment. We were thrilled to work with a company that values animal welfare, its importance to consumers, and we applaud Freshly, Inc. for demonstrating that part of a business doing well is prioritizing making an impact for good.”

For more information about Freshly Inc.’s Better Chicken Commitment policy, please visit

About Freshly Inc.:

Freshly is a weekly subscription service delivering fresh, chef-cooked meals directly to customers' doors that can be heated and served in three minutes. All that is needed is a microwave, fork, and plate to get a satisfying lunch or dinner on the table. With a corporate mission to break down the barriers to healthy eating, Freshly believes that taste and health don't need to be compromised for convenience. Freshly's food philosophy is centered on less sugar, less processed ingredients, and more nutrients. Developed by chefs and nutritionists, the menu features better-for-you versions of classic comfort foods with smart ingredient swaps. Freshly makes eating better easier than ever, one box at a time. Headquartered in New York, Freshly has operations in Phoenix, Arizona; Savage, Maryland; Linden, New Jersey; Commerce, California; and Austell, Georgia. To learn more about Freshly, visit  

About Animal Equality:

Animal Equality is an international non-profit organization working with society, governments, and companies to end cruelty to farmed animals. Animal Equality has offices in the U.S., the U.K., Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, and India. If you or your business is interested in working with Animal Equality’s Corporate Outreach team, please contact its U.S. Corporate Outreach Manager, Maral Cavner, Esq., at

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Freshly Inc. Strengthens Commitment to Animal Welfare by Adopting the Better Chicken Commitment