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Inside the Freshly Kitchen: Mother’s Day Edition

Stephanie Golub
May 3, 2022

It’s no secret that many a mama’s love language is food. So in the spirit of Mother’s Day, we asked the Freshly chefs to spill the tea on the motherly figures in their lives. From their home-cooked faves to fun facts, these moms definitely deserve a chef’s kiss. 

James and his mother smiling and taking a selfie.

Chef James 

Mom’s Specialty: Pan-Fried Chicken

James compares Mom (AKA Deborah) to the one and only Julia Child. Now that’s a compliment. She’s a self-taught pastry instructor, chef, and chocolatier. Yep, Deb runs a chocolate shop in Olympia, WA! In her own kitchen, the crown jewel is her famous pan-fried chicken. James muses, “The drippings turn into a cream-based, peppery gravy that I pour over butter rice. So simple and comforting.” We’ll take a plate!

Josh and his mother Vanessa smiling

Chef Josh

Mom’s Specialty: Calves Liver and Onions w/ Rice

Josh's mom Vanessa has been serving up this comforting dish for as long as Josh can remember. She cuts up calves liver into strips, pan fries it and serves over rice with gravy and vegetables. A plate of this leaves Josh feeling "satiated, happy, warm and loved." * Wipes tear *

Craig with his arms around his mother, smiling.

Chef Craig

Mom’s Specialty: Bolognese 

Craig cares a whole lot about his mom, Terry. Her top traits? She can crack a mean joke and whip up some killer bolognese. Craig describes it as, “a non-traditional yet inspiring version.” His fave memory with Mom? Helping her make brownies and apple sauce. He had to stand on a stool to reach the kitchen counter! Awwwww.

Audrey and her mother smiling taking a selfie

Chef Audrey 

Mom’s Specialty: Pesto Pasta

Audrey’s mama, Mindy, brings good eats to a brand-new level. As a parent, she’s generous, selfless, and one great cook. Professionally, she’s developed recipes with Lipton and Pillsbury, and is now a high school culinary teacher at Audrey’s alma mater! Mindy’s go-to meal features pesto with fresh basil, pine nuts, garlic, and Parmesan Reggiano cheese. Most importantly, it tastes like home. 

…Is someone cutting onions? Ooof. Now that we’re all in our feels, we can’t stop here. Have a homestyle meal made by someone who means the world to you? Dish it to us on social!

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Inside the Freshly Kitchen: Mother’s Day Edition