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A Greener World, One Box at a Time 

Aug 12, 2022

What goes in has always been our number one priority, from the whole-food ingredients in our meals to the packaging we ship them in. Our team is always looking for ways to reuse, recycle, and reduce the Freshly footprint—especially when it comes to our boxes. That’s why we’re beyond thrilled to announce our next step towards greater sustainability. 

We’ve teamed up with Cotton’s Blue Jeans Go Green™ denim recycling program, which works with Bonded Logic, Inc. and’s charitable arm, Zappos for Good,, to make it easier than ever to recycle our denim insulation liners and keep them out of our nation’s landfills.  Since the program first took off, over four million pieces of denim have been recycled, diverting more than 2,100 tons of denim from landfills.

Our denim liners are already biodegradable, but we wanted to do more. To get started with recycling your order’s denim liners, all you’ll need is a Freshly order box and your liners. Feel free to throw in any other old denim that’s been cluttering your closet as well.  And the best part? Recycling your denim is simple and FREE! 

How to Recycle our Denim Liners 

Fill Your Box📦

  • Take the meals and ice packs out of your Freshly order box
  • Remove the plastic from the denim liners (if present)
  • Stick them back inside the box
  • You’re welcome to include any old denim that’s been gathering dust (and that’s at least 90% cotton) 
  • Be sure your box weighs less than 50 lbs! Have more than 50 lbs worth of denim or liners? You can send multiple boxes for free—simply print a new shipping label for each box. 

Print Your Label & Mark it “Freshly”✍️

  • Login to your Zappos account (or create an account)
  • Print the prepaid label & Meal Delivery Form 
  • Check off the “Freshly” box on the Meal Delivery Form and put it in the box

Ship Your Box🚚

  • Tape the prepaid shipping label on your package and include the Meal Delivery Form in the box
  • Bring your box to any UPS drop off location 
  • Congratulate yourself on reducing your carbon footprint!

We’re excited to continue on our mission to reduce consumer waste and do our part to lessen our environmental impact as a company. And now we pass the baton to you! Help give our denim liners (and those old jeans gathering dust) a second chance. 

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A Greener World, One Box at a Time