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How Our Mojo Sauce is Made

Stephanie Golub
Sep 15, 2022

Mojo holds many meanings: among the most common being a magic power, charm, or certain sparkle that something possesses. The colloquial use of mojo is said to have first popped up in the United States during the 1920s. It derives from “moco,” the Gulluh Creole word for magic. We’d like to think that Freshly’s mojo sauce, featured in our Cuban Mojo Shrimp, tastes as special as its noteworthy name. 

The History of Mojo Sauce 

In the culinary world, the word mojo serves as a delicious double entendre. Mojo sauce first came to be in the Canary Islands after Portuguese immigrants set up camp (the term “mojo” stemming from their word for sauce, “molho.”) Its base is usually made up of olive oil, oregano, garlic, and an acid, and is spiced up from there. Verde mojo is cooked up with green peppers and parsley, while red mojo gets its fire and flavor from red bell peppers and chiles. Both varieties pack a punch as a pork marinade or condiment on Mahi Mahi fish tacos.  

How to Make Our Mojo Sauce 

Freshly’s Chef Sam Lopane was inspired by the Cuban spin on mojo sauce, kicking it up with orange and lime juice. If you’re looking to test out our version, here’s what makes it so very tasty.

Equipment Needed: Measuring cup, measuring spoons, blender


⅔ cup of Olive Oil

⅓ cup of Orange juice

⅔ cup of Lime juice

1 tsp of Dried garlic

2 Tbsp of Roasted garlic

1 tsp of Black pepper

½ Tbsp of Salt

½ tsp of Dried oregano

½ tsp of Dried cumin

Cooking Instructions:

1. Take all the ingredients and place them into a blender

2. Mix on low to medium speed until the mixture is homogeneous

The Perfect Pairing 

This sauce is savory- sweet and definitely zingy. When you’re thinking about what drink to set out with your mojo-dressed steak, we’d opt for a classic mojito. Not only do the mint and orange flavors pair perfectly, but the name itself is also fitting. The name “mojito” also comes from our new favorite word, which in this case is used as “a little spell.” Two mojitos down the hatch, and you’ll definitely be mesmerized. If non-alcoholic beverage is more your jam, a fruit-forward iced tea is just as tasty. If you’re looking to close out your meal with a show stopper, a caramel flan will take the cake. Dairy-free coconut pudding is a lactose-friendly option while still staying true to traditional Cuban fare. 

If you too want to witness the magic of mojo sauce, whip it up in your kitchen and show us what you’ve got on social media. But when you’re in a time crunch, you can always try it in our Carb Smart Mojo Chicken

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How Our Mojo Sauce is Made