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Spring Cleaning 101: The Fridge

Stephanie Golub
Apr 25, 2022

Spring has sprung and seasonal cleaning has begun. But where to begin? We're a little biased, but we'd suggest tackling the most important area first—the kitchen and your fabulous fridge. Nearly 100% of people in the U.S. have one in their home, so let’s pay our due respects to America’s favorite appliance and clean it the right way!

Step 1: Purge 

If you have to ask “What is this?” or “When did I purchase this?”, dump it. Years-old BBQ sauce? So long! That lemon poppy salad dressing you said you’d use up last summer? Don’t let the door hit it on the way out! PS: Pay attention to those best-by, sell-by, and expiration dates! Sell-by and use-by are usually suggestions, but make sure you mind those hard expiration dates on meat and dairy products. 

Step 2: Deep Clean

Now that you’ve managed your inventory, it’s time for a major wipedown. Take out all removable parts, soak them, and wash them down with warm, soapy water. Use a mild disinfectant on your shelves and dry with a clean towel. This is a super important step if you stock up on meat and dairy products, as your fridge can harbor some pretty serious bacteria. Stubborn stains? Take a toothbrush and some toothpaste to scrub off the tough ones. Line your bins with paper towels or a liner for some extra protection from unwanted spills. Bye bye, mystery grime… 

Step 3: Organize 

If it’s made to last, stick it in the back. Perishables like eggs, dairy, and veggies should be front and center in your fridge. Not only will this remind you that they exist, but it ensures they won’t get crushed. Dedicate one bin to fruits, the other to vegetables and herbs, and put your fresh meat and fish on the bottom shelf in case of leaks. For the ultimate #fridgegoals, buy clear storage containers and label them accordingly. 

Now that your fridge is spic and span, it’s time to stock up. Group your fruit and veg together, make sure your dairy is in view, and pay attention to those use-by dates. If you’re tired of overcooking and tossing mystery leftovers, perfectly-portioned prepared meals are a great option. We take care of the cooking, which means no-mess (woo!) lunches and dinners that are ready when you are. Select the amount that works for you and we’ll deliver them fresh each week. Take that, food waste! 

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Spring Cleaning 101: The Fridge