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If The Halftime Performers Were Freshly Meals

Stephanie Golub
Feb 8, 2022

Everybody knows that the game-day spread steals the spotlight on Sunday. But what if—and hear us out—the food was the show?! Here’s our spin on this year’s halftime lineup with the Freshly meals that give us superstar feels.

Dr. Dre: Unwrapped Burrito Bowl 

No diggity, he’s got to bag it up. Dr. Dre is obviously referring to packing his lunch box (no doubt). And a world-famous rapper like him—who’s also rumored to be a vegetarian—deserves our unwrapped plant-based burrito bowl. Ready in just 3 minutes, this meal is easy to bring to rehearsal and packed with protein to power through the performance of the year. 

Snoop Dogg: Chicken ’N’ Drop Biscuits

It’s no secret that Snoop likes to drop it like it’s hot. He also fancies himself some fried chicken, as seen in his iconic cookoff with Martha Stewart. This almond-breaded chicken with flakey cheddar gluten-free biscuits is a meal that will make you feel young, wild, and free—just like the D-O-Double-G.  

Kendrick Lamar: Chipotle Chicken Bowl 

This California native needs a kicked-up meal that won’t kill his vibe. Since this superstar’s favorite supper is enchiladas and tacos, we think he’d enjoy our southwestern-inspired bowl. P.S. The fiery chipotle-cilantro-lime sauce is just as spicy as Lamar’s bars. 

Eminem: Baked Turkey Meatballs

Slim Shady loves Mom’s Spaghetti. Not only has he rapped about it, but also opened up his Detroit restaurant in honor of the OG lyric. Eminem will definitely think our turkey meatballs are pretty ballin’, too. We swapped the spaghetti with zoodles for a stealth health meal that’s sure to make everybody stand up. 

Mary J. Blige: Masterful Mac & Cheese

This singer’s classic bops throw us back to our favorite childhood comfort food. She mentioned in a chat with Interview Magazine how much she adores the meals that shout out her Mom’s roots. “Man, you know my mother is from the South, so all her food. I’m a foodie, so if it tastes good, I’m gonna eat it,” said Blige. Our creamy cauli macaroni, coated in a cheesy cheddar and butternut squash sauce, is worth writing a song about. Mary is searching for that real love, and we think she’ll fall hard for this mac. 

These seasoned, all-star performers (and our Freshly meals!) are sure to score on football’s biggest night. If you’ve got no game plan for dinner, kick off the night with plant-based meals, carb conscious, or shareable sides delivered fresh to your door. This way, you won’t miss a single play!

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If The Halftime Performers Were Freshly Meals