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The Furry Freshly Fam: Our Favorite Pics of Pets in Freshly Boxes

Stephanie Golub
Apr 8, 2022

The Freshly Fam isn’t complete without our furry friends. While we enjoy our favorite meals, the doggos and kitty cats in our lives are living for delivery day (cue cardboard fun). Remember that 3-tier cat tree you bought? How about the ultra-plush, fleece-lined dog bed? If a Freshly box is in the house, you can consider those purchases forgotten.  

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, folks. Peep some super cute pets sporting our signature packaging! 


This gorgeous girl is a mixed breed (German Shepherd Dog + American Eskimo) who will do just about anything for food, like getting into our packaging to pose. She was given a treat for her good work, while Mom got into our Wild-Caught Fish Cake.


We spy a little birdie in a box! His fam made sure to carefully remove all the packaging tape (it’s Birdie’s snack of choice). As for his humans? They’re loving our Masterful Mac & Cheese and Indian-Spiced Chickpea Curry Bowl.


We’re all rooting for you, Roo. This Beagle, Poodle, and Lab mix is one smart lady—she knows how to give high fives! Her human is also an intelligent dude for adding  Pork Carnitas, Shrimp & Andouille Paella, and Unwrapped Salsa Verde Burrito to his Freshly lineup. 


Klaus looks pretty darn cool next to our Middle Eastern Falafel dish. He’s a Boxer with TONS of energy that he burns off by swimming. Here he is dreaming about taking his next dip.


The award for Best Smile definitely goes to Binx the Bombay cat. The little vampire fangs? COME ONNNNN. 

Pictured: Binx and his sibling keep a close eye as their owner unpacks his Chicken Tikka Masala and Sausage Baked Penne.


Puppy or cloud? We can confirm that Buddy fits the bill for both. He loves snuggles, being mischievous, and staring down his owner when she’s eating her Purely Plant meals

The adorableness is almost too much to handle. Whether you’re joining us for your first delivery or are already part of the Freshly Fam, please tag us in all the pet pics for a chance to be featured on our socials and future blogs! 

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The Furry Freshly Fam: Our Favorite Pics of Pets in Freshly Boxes