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Freshly Fam Spotlight: Meals from 40,000 Feet

Stephanie Golub
Jun 15, 2022

Hungry, but have a flight to charter in 40 minutes? No worries—we’ve got our community covered with meals that are ready to eat in 3 (and at any altitude)! Chase Cripps, a private pilot, flies with Freshly to stay full and in control. Let’s learn a little more about his travels and which meals hit the spot at 40,000 feet! 

First and foremost, thanks for flying with Freshly! How long have you been a pilot?

I've been a pilot since 2015—it's a second career for me!

What’s your favorite part about being a pilot? What’s the most challenging aspect? 

I love the thrill of takeoff and landing, and knowing that since I fly private charter, I've been a small but fun piece of a family's travel and vacation memories! Getting to go to places that I normally would not be able to say I've visited is another exciting experience for me. That being said, the biggest challenge of doing so is the weather on some days and the continued changes an on-demand charter operation presents. From times of flights, customer requests, and operational logistics to get in and out of some of the places behind the scenes. Our coordinators and dispatchers really work magic to help this happen!

How did you first hear about us and what led you to join the Freshly Fam? 

I first found out about Freshly on Instagram and Google research after trying other meal services. I first started a couple months ago! The packs fit into my travel cooler so I can bring multiple with me. I wanted meals that were easy to travel with that were also healthy, tasty, and something that I wouldn't get tired of eating. Freshly fit that bill for me quite easily!

When Freshly meals start joining your flights?

I only started using Freshly onboard within the past couple months. I tried other services, but feel Freshly fits me and what I need the most. The meal choices are great and still taste fresh—even at 41,000 feet! Trying to stay healthy while traveling all the time poses its challenges, so this is just another step that makes it easier. All while keeping the taste buds happy!

Pilot Chase Cripps eating
Chase enjoying Salsa Fresca Chicken with Pepper Jack & Cauli-Black Bean Sauté

Do you heat your meals on the plane? If so…how?!

Yes, I do heat the meals on the plane! I'm lucky to fly a plane that has a microwave and oven onboard, so I have either option to enjoy my meals. It works out nicely!

What are your go-to Freshly dishes?

I tend to lean more towards the bowls while in flight, but I’m a big fan of the Homestyle Chicken meal. It reminds me of home a lot. I like the Backyard BBQ Chicken as well, but I do try to eat ones that have less sauce on them just in case we do hit that unexpected turbulence. Then my meal becomes a part of my uniform! 

Where’s the coolest place you’ve eaten a Freshly meal? 

I would say other than pulling them out at cruise, eating one on the balcony in Ecuador is probably one of the coolest places to have eaten one thus far. I'm still working on adding more places to that list though!

What do you like to do with your free time when you’re not flying? 

In my free time I enjoy fishing, golfing, and making music. I’ve been a workaholic, but am learning and beginning to enjoy the off days more and more.   

Where are you off to next? Can we (and our meals) tag along?

Where to next...? That is always up in the air (no pun intended). But, I can promise that yes, Freshly will be tagging along no matter where that may be!

Screenshot of pilot's Instagram Story showing Freshly meal being enjoyed in cockpit in the air,
Chase enjoying our Lowcountry BBQ Chicken with Southern-Spiced Rice & Collard Greens

Wherever you go, we’re with you for the long haul. Whether you eat your Freshly meals at your desk, in the cockpit, on the go, or around the table with friends and family, let us know! Use the hashtag #FreshlyFam to be featured in a future highlight!

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Freshly Fam Spotlight: Meals from 40,000 Feet