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The Secret of Our Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce

Stephanie Golub
Aug 17, 2022

We’re big fans of southern comfort, and when it comes to BBQ, the Carolinas do it right. Carolina Gold BBQ is a mustardy and vinegary barbecue sauce with just a hint of sweetness. Pepper, apple cider, brown sugar, and honey make this sauce something special, but so does its origin story. 

It all started in the 18th century when German immigrants came overseas to set up roots in small towns between Columbia and Charleston. Up until that point, it was a long-standing tradition to slather pork with mustard. Upon settling in the south, the Germans took the condiment a few steps further. Carolina Gold BBQ sauce is now used all over central south Carolina and beyond to dress up sandwiches, ribs, burgers, and so much more.

Our Spin on Carolina Gold Sauce 

We call our version “Carrot”lina Gold Sauce, as we add carrot puree to the base for an extra boost of nutrition. White balsamic vinegar, dijon mustard, and agave also give our sauce its signature taste. Although this liquid gold is good on just about everything, we wanted to develop the perfect southern dish to pay homage to its historic roots. Our chefs landed on tender sliced turkey, black-eyed peas, gluten-free cauliflower shells, and melty cheese. 

How to Make Our "Carrot"-lina Gold BBQ Sauce

Recipe by Freshly Chef Joshua Mason
Equipment Needed:
Blender, sheet tray, oven, pan, Chef's knife, cutting board


1 cup of yellow squash (diced)
2-3 medium carrots
¾ cup of yellow mustard
¼ cup of dijon mustard 
¾ of canola oil
½ of agave nectar 
⅔ cup of white balsamic vinegar 
A splash of liquid smoke
1 Pt of water
1 Tbsp of garlic powder
1 Tbsp of onion powder
¼ Tsp of smoked paprika 
Salt & pepper to taste 

Cooking Instructions:

1. Roast 2-3 medium carrots wrapped in foil at 425*F until tender or boil until tender. Set aside to cool.
2. Sauté yellow squash in a pan with a small amount of canola oil until tender with little to no color. Set aside to cool.
3. Add squash and carrots to blender and toss in remaining ingredients. Blend until smooth.
4. Serve immediately over your favorite grilled meats, fish, and veg.

The Perfect Pairing

Nothing says “barbecue” like an ice-cold beer. Since Carolina Gold has an acidic tang, we’d pair it with a citrusy or tropical IPA. If you’re keeping your dinner party non-alcoholic, serve up some homemade iced tea lemonade. In true southern fashion, dessert has to be fruity. Cut up a hummingbird cake or slice a key lime pie with dollops of fresh whipped cream. If you have dairy-free guests in attendance, throw juicy peach halves on the grill and top them off with a scoop of coconut sorbet. 

It’s BBQ season, and there’s no better way to spend it than on the patio with friends and fam. Set out those crudité platters, make Mom’s famous macaroni salad, and cook up your favorite fiery wings. Don’t forget—the secret’s in the sauce!

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The Secret of Our Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce