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Showing Gratitude to Healthcare Workers on National Hospital and Nurses Week

May 9, 2022

Nurses invest a significant amount of time and energy into patient care and are the backbone of healthcare facilities. National Hospital and Nurses' Week occurs between May 6 – May 14 and was originally organized on the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. Celebrating this week gives healthcare facilities as well as patients the opportunity to acknowledge the importance of the work carried out by nurses. Even though celebrating National Hospital and Nurses Week is a great way to show gratitude, implementing appreciation and wellbeing programs on an ongoing basis is key for nurses to continuously provide support and stay healthy without suffering from burnout.

Click here to learn how to participate in our Amazing Heroes Campaign to celebrate and support your healthcare workers who make patient care their passion.

Why it’s crucial to address health and wellbeing on National Hospital and Nurses Week

As put by Adrian Gostick, New York Times Bestselling author who specializes in helping businesses build company culture and healthy work environments: “Gallup found that people in the most engaged workplaces felt praised and recognized every seven days. So, showing gratitude is not just once a year, this should happen on a regular basis. It also has to be specific and timely. Leaders can’t wait. How long does it take you to get in touch with somebody who's messed up? Like 30 seconds. How long does it take to get in touch with somebody who's done something right? So those ideas of frequent, specific, timely are really the building blocks for gratitude.”

Although gratitude can be shown in many ways, the ultimate goal is to create a lasting impact on healthcare workers’ lives. A meaningful way of doing this is through better nutrition. Eating nourishing meals is a foundational element for the human body to function at its best, especially for those working around the clock on a busy schedule.

Why offering healthy meal solutions is an excellent way of showing nurses they're appreciated

Even though nurses are on the front lines of healthcare, the demands of the job often leave both their mental and physical health on the back burner. Having a nutritious diet is a crucial part of staying healthy and boosting the immune system. However, it’s no surprise that burnout, obesity, diabetes, and other nutrition-related health conditions such as anxiety and depression are major issues that affect nurses when a nutritious diet is inaccessible to them. In fact, according to the American Nurses Association Health Risk Appraisal, just 16% of nurses ate five or more servings of fruit or vegetables each day.

Nutritious food increases both physical and mental health and wellbeing, resulting in a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce. Supporting your healthcare workers has never been easier than with Freshly for Business. Freshly helps to break down the barriers to healthy eating by providing a wide variety of fresh (never frozen) fully-prepared meals that prioritize great taste, quality nutrients and effortless convenience. By partnering with healthcare organizations to deliver healthy, pre-prepared meals at home and on-site, Freshly for Business helps organizations invest in the health and wellbeing of their employees by fueling their days with intentional smart choices.

Want to participate in our campaign to celebrate and support your Amazing Heroes? Click here to learn how!

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Showing Gratitude to Healthcare Workers on National Hospital and Nurses Week