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Introducing the Future of Freshly

Michael Wystrach

Dear Freshly Family,

It’s Mike here, Founder & CEO of Freshly. I’m thrilled to share with you the next chapter in Freshly’s journey. As of today, we have officially joined the Nestlé family, alongside their stable of top food brands around the world. 

Just over eight years ago we set out to create a company that, put simply, would make healthy eating easier. From that seed, Freshly was born, and in a short amount of time we’ve shipped nearly 100 million meals to 48 states, opened six manufacturing and distribution facilities, offices in three countries, and built a team of almost 2000 employees. For this, I thank you. Whether you’ve been a loyal Freshly customer for years, or are awaiting your first delivery, none of this would’ve been possible without your support. 

As the leading manufacturer of fresh-prepared meals in the US, joining the world’s biggest food brand is a dream come true. Through this union, we’ll gain even more industry expertise while still retaining the heart of what makes us ‘us’. The delicious news is that with the support of our friends at Nestlé, we already have plans to greatly increase menu variety by tripling the number of weekly meals. You’ll start to see these additions over the coming months. 

What does this mean for you?

I can assure you that your meals, pricing, and subscription will remain just as you know them. Freshly will continue to operate as a standalone business to accomplish our core mission to remove the barriers to healthy eating with convenient, nutritious and delicious meal solutions, backed by the power of Nestlé to open new doors for a fresher, faster food delivery to your door. We will continue to maintain our own strict standards and maintain complete control of our products. Our meals will not be changing, and there are no plans to change ingredients or integrate Nestlé products into Freshly meals, but we are excited about potential opportunities for the future.

While we celebrate this occasion today, I find myself reenergized to continue to build, innovate, and grow a massively successful company, alongside Nestlé and you, our loyal customers.

We couldn’t have reached this milestone without each and every one of you.

Thank you and take care,

Michael Wystrach Signature

Mike Wystrach
Freshly Founder and CEO

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Introducing the Future of Freshly