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Freshly Fam Upcycling: From Packaging to Comfy Piano Bench

Stephanie Golub
Mar 15, 2022

We love finding the #Freshlyfam on social–especially when we catch them upcycling our packaging in super creative ways. When we first spotted musician Mary Jennings using the insulation from her Freshly boxes as a piano cushion, we knew we had to chat! 

Mary used Freshly denim insulation to pad her piano bench.
We see we’re mutual fans! When did you start using Freshly?  

Freshly was a Mother’s Day present from my husband last year, and it’s the gift that keeps on giving. During the pandemic, we started eating at home so much more and he could see that I wasn’t loving cooking as much. It’s been an amazing gift!

Mary enjoying one of her fav Freshly meals!
You’re a self-proclaimed #terriblecook. Tell us more about your trials and tribulations in the kitchen. 

While I have been a musician (often touring) for many years and as creative as I can be with music and crafts, my creativity never made its way into the kitchen. I love to eat, but I’m impatient with cooking. And once you’ve spent all of this time working away on your masterpiece, it just gets eaten and is gone! Yeah, cooking just isn’t for me. I have maybe two or three things that I enjoy making, but that isn’t sustainable. 

Is this your first time creating something new from Freshly packaging? Do you have other fun ideas in mind? 

It’s the first time I have made something with the packing. I have reused the insulation but this is the first upcycle. I have often thought it would make great sound proofing or insulation for home studios of which there are many here in Nashville. I am sure I will find more uses for it though. 

We love that Freshly meals give you more time back in your busy day for music. How long have you been playing the piano?  

I’ve been playing piano since I was a little kid and started writing songs when I was in high school. My real surge in music, though, happened in college. 

What’s your favorite song to play on the piano?  

It varies from day to day but I generally like to play whatever song I am writing or working on at the time. Although, my favorite “go-to” song will always be “Smile” by Charlie Chaplin, John Turner, and Geoffrey Parsons.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t ask about your Freshly faves. Which are your go-tos?  

Oh, this is tough!  I think my favorite is the Farmstead Baked Lentil Pasta or the Middle Eastern Falafel Bowl. 

Let’s keep the creativity flowing! Did you transform your Freshly box into a cat condo? Use leftover insulation for soundproofing in your at-home recording studio? Tag us on social or use the hashtag #upcyclewithfreshly to show us what you’ve got!

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Freshly Fam Upcycling: From Packaging to Comfy Piano Bench