Stealth Health

Really nutritious, genuinely delicious

Freshly chefs use clever swaps and sneaky veggies to craft meals with unexpected twists—so every bite is as nutritious as it is delicious.

This, Not That

The secret’s in the sauce

Sauces can bring a whole dish together. We like mixing in nutrient-packed powerhouses, such as:

  • Squash or cauliflower for creaminess, and less heavy cream
  • Nut butters to thicken things up, not flour
  • Honey instead of corn syrup or artificial sweeteners
Meat Made Better

Play up your proteins

We make the meat on your plate really count by:

  • Replacing some of our ground meat with savory veg like mushrooms and carrots
  • Rotating red meat dishes with more lean protein options like chicken and pork
Simple Swaps

Carbs worth craving

Our chefs love to put a health-minded spin on simple carbs. Think:

  • Noodles that you’d never guess came from butternut squash or lentils
  • Mashed potatoes mixed with lower-carb cauliflower
  • Rice spiced up with other colorful (tasty) vegetables

Our masters of disguise

Gluten-free shouldn’t mean saying goodbye to your favorite foods. Here are some culinary classics that we’ve made completely free of gluten, using clever whole-food swaps:

Tomato-Glazed Turkey Meatloaf
with Brown Rice Fusilli
Homestyle chicken
with Butternut Mac & Cheese
Cauliflower-Shell Bolognese
with Almond-Cheddar Topping
Super Pesto & Sausage Fusilli
with Sautéed Carrots & French Green Beans

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The food you crave, the nutrition you need

Take the guesswork (and the flavorless greens) out of eating well, and taste our health-conscious tricks in action.