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Enjoy an exciting menu of delicious, perfectly portioned meals prepared by our amazing chefs.





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Lisa Q.

Freshly Fit Customer

Absolutely delicious! Current favorite: Chicken Parmesan with Zucchini Pasta. YUMS!

Sally P.

Freshly Fit Customer

I have lost 6 lbs in 10 days thanks to my Freshly Fit plan. I have not been hungry and it's been really nice having all the food prepared for me and ready to eat.

Kyle G.

Freshly Flex Customer

Just got my very first order today! ...and I'm eating my first meal as we speak. The "Roasted Apple & Fennel Pork Chop" and it's OUTSTANDING'LY good!!!

Molly H.

Freshly Fit Customer

Freshly Fit was just what my husband needed after a serious health scare. 30 pounds later he has never felt better!

Jody C.

Freshly Flex Customer

I have ordered Freshly Flex for over a year. I continue to order lunch every day and a few extra meals so I don't have to cook for my husband and me every workday.

Dana O.

Freshly Fit Customer

Just finished my first week on my Freshly Fit plan. Down 8 pounds! Easiest and most delicious weight loss ever! Looking forward to next week. I might even exercise!