Say goodbye to cooking

Chef prepared, healthy meals delivered weekly
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Choose from our weekly rotating menu of gourmet, chef designed meals. Meals arrive fresh, never frozen.
We use only the best, all-natural ingredients. No refined sugar, no gluten, no artificial ingredients, no worries.
We cook so you don't have to. With Freshly you're always 2 minutes away from a nourishing gourmet meal.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
We know you'll love Freshly. We're so sure, we back every meal with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Easy as 1-2-3

Choose your meals
Select 6, 9, 12 or 21 delicious meals each week from our rotating menu. We give you the tools to choose which meals you want, when you want them.
We deliver fresh
Freshly cooked meals arrive at your door in a refrigerated box. No need to be home! Your Freshly box will be patiently waiting for you when you get home.
Heat, eat and enjoy
Our healthy, gourmet meals are ready to eat in 2 minutes. Leave the shopping, cooking and cleaning to us.

Eat Your Healthy Heart Out

High Quality Protein
No Added Sugars or Artificial Sweeteners
Always Gluten Free
Low Glycemic Carbohydrates
Nutrient Rich Veggies

Freshly Plans

meals per week
$11.50 / meal $69 / week
meals per week
$11.00 / meal $99 / week
meals per week
$10.75 / meal $129 / week
meals per week
$10.90 / meal $229 / week

What others are saying

  • Healthy and Yummy!
    I've been a Freshly subscriber for a few months now, and I love it! There is great variety, and the recipes keep improving! I would recommend the service to anyone.
    December 3, 2015
  • I love Freshly!
    Freshly is super convenient,
    really healthy, and tastes great.
    I couldn't live without it!
    December 2, 2015
  • Great for singles
    I tried the other services that provide the ingredients and you do the cooking, but I found it to be too much work. Freshly provides a good assortment of foods.
    Diana Anson
    December 2, 2015
  • Best cooking and delivery service.
    So glad I tried them! Yum!
    Food is outstanding,
    customer service is excellent.
    Thank you Freshly!
    December 5, 2015
  • Awesome.
    I love Freshly! I work long hours and it's
    nice to know that I have a freshly prepared
    meal waiting for me at home that can be
    ready in a matter of minutes.
    December 3, 2015
  • High quality food, great prices
    and to your door
    My wife and I are on the move a lot and sometimes don't have the time to cook. Freshly delivers very good food at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend them.
    Randy Merrill
    December 3, 2015
  • Amazing and delicious!!
    Extremely user friendly and the
    food is so good! Everyone at work
    is always jealous of my lunch.
    December 3, 2015
Great tasting, healthy food should take time. Just not yours. Spend time doing the things you love, with the people you love. We'll take care of the rest. Freshly. Deliciously Healthy.
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